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Ooh saucy: A Mc Gill postcard often had a double meaning Beach boy: Mc Gill could even get away with penis jokes Two old men ogling a young lady but that’s all they’re doing. Mc Gill’s cards show the men serving at the front as well as the realities facing their families at home.His designs cover issues such as rationing, home service, war profiteers, recruitment and soldiers in training.One postcard shows a soldier at an Army camp carrying buckets of food, with the caption: ‘What did YOU do in the Great War.’ A policeman gives information to a volunteer on the look out for the enemy.Note the wanted for murder poster of Kaiser Bill on the wall by the policeman Entente cordiale: A British Tommy snuggles up to his French belle Self-portrait the artist as an old man: Donald Mc Gill as seen by himself Saucy seaside fun was the hallmark of Mc Gill’s humour like this image of a young swain teaching his belle to swim Another card features two young children huddled under an umbrella with the slogan: ‘We’re prepared for Zeppelin raids.’ A soldier is seen cuddling a French woman in another card, which has the words: ‘England and France will always “pull together”.’ Whilst a sailor is seen kissing a Scots soldier in a kilt in another of Mc Gill’s humorous cards, which has the slogan: ‘I’ve sworn to kiss the first thing I meet in skirts when I come ashore.’ A soldier looks exhausted in another card which shows how busy army recruits are kept and is accompanied by the words ‘- and then we have the rest of the day to ourselves.’ Mc Gill’s humourous take on the British Tommy’s day with a little patriotism thrown in No nudity but Mc Gill didn’t always need to flash the flesh to make his point Uncle Sam: Even though the Americans didn’t enter the war until 1917 according to Mc Gill the Yanks wanted the Germans to lose Mc Gill went to art school in London and began his professional career as a naval architect, then as an engineering draughtsman.You will find that Donald’s Cards will depict anything and everyone, his watchful eye never missed a humorous situation as he witnessed the years as they rolled through the 20th century.We believe that there are no offensive cards displayed which would pervert a minor as the small percentage of Double Entendre’s that Donald made, depict no offensive imagery or text.

FIRST WORLD ONE POSTCARD BY DONALD Mc GILL Two war scenes from the pen of Donald Mc Gill, both portraying Germany on the defeated side Mc Gill quickly became an expert in the art of the postcard double entendre and his designs were ingenious, twisted and often downright rude.

He produced a massive 12,000 different seaside postcards throughout his career but in 1954 he was charged with publishing obscene images and four of his cards were banned immediately and 17 more banned once existing stocks had been sold. His career spanned seven decades, with his cards charting the changing times.

Two adorable small children show that they may be young but they are prepared for Kaiser Bill’s onslaught This jolly jack tar returns home to his sweetheart with tales of German seafaring cowardice In honour of HMS Achilles: HMS Achilles was a Warrior-class armoured cruiser built for the Royal Navy.

She served with the 2nd Cruiser Squadron for most of the First World War.

The ship did not participate in the Battle of Jutland in 1916, but did sink the German raider Leopard in 1917 Mc Gill’s postcards inspired those on the home front by showing the derring do of military men at home and abroad Even Kaiser Bill has someone to love him – even if it is the devil in this cartoon by Donald Mc Gill Not so friendly – in this cartoon Kaiser Bill is compared to an irritating fly by Donald Mc Gill At the height of his fame Mc Gill only earned three guineas a design, but today his postcards are highly sought after with his original artwork going for up to £1,700 in auction and up to £2,500 in London Galleries.

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