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It shares borders with Italy, Slovenia, and Hungary to the north and with the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia) and Bosnia-Herzegovina to the east and south.

Even under socialism, Croats often referred to their language as Croato-Serbian (instead of Serbo-Croatian) or as Croatian.

The government has been working to establish an official Croatian language, resurrecting vocabulary that fell out of general usage under socialism.

Croatian and related Southern Slav languages are modern versions of the languages of the Slavic peoples who moved into the lands of the former Yugoslavia around 500 Today, language is an important part of personal and group identity, but historically the Croatian language was not always spoken by a majority of Croats.

The Drava and Sava rivers drain into the plain, making it an excellent region for agriculture.

Cultural variations, particularly regional cuisine, are related to geographic variations within the country; traditional economies are also linked to geography.

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