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Knowing where she's coming from, like her and her family history and background might help understand the cause. There are several commitment issues in women as well.A commitment phobic woman backs out of plans at the last minute, it means she is afraid of committing and that the pressure of being answerable to people or a situation where people are dependent on her is a lot for her to deal with.Women who are commitment phobic have a string of very short relationships.In earlier times when women didn't work, were not independent or self-sufficient, and were brought up with the sole aim of marrying, looking after the needs of their home and serving the husband, the issues of wanting something more from a relationship or the fear of getting into a relationship or having commitment issues may have never even made way into the thought process.As times changed and women began to become self-sufficient, they no longer needed men for financial support.Commitment issues in women have started knocking on relationship doors as well and more and more women have been coming forward with their trepidation and fear of committing to someone. Why is it that women, who essentially require security, are opting getting out of a setup (a relationship) that offers it? Commitment issues - no matter in which sex - do not develop overnight.There are several factors that lead to the fear of commitment in women.

A woman with a bad relationship history might never fully commit to anything in the relationship and distance herself from her partner when things threaten to become too personal and intense.They could take their own decisions and dictate their own terms in life.This independence could well be the reason for why some women have developed commitment issues.That way, if the relationship does not work out, she can always assure herself that she never invested in it fully anyway. Many women get into rebound relationships to deal with the mind-numbing emptiness and hurt of the previous relationship.In their mind though, they are still learning to come to terms and get a grip of their lives without 'him'.

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