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Although Mr Johnson insisted he did not want an election, he warned Tory rebels he will call one on October 14 if they vote to wreck his Brexit plans today, and MPs such as Philip Hammond, David Gauke and Rory Stewart would be barred from standing if they supported the rebellion.

In a challenge to the PM last night, Mr Hammond (pictured left) was reselected to run again as MP by executive members of his Runnymede and Weybridge Conservative Association – meaning if Mr Johnson does kick him out today it will be in opposition to wishes of the grassroots supporters.

Sharon is extremely professional in her approach and also very passionate about what she does. Thank you Sharon, forever grateful."with huge knowledge and open heart.

Our coaching always moved me forward to my goals and each Skype call left me with the feeling that i just had one of the most important conversation.

Boris Johnson last night vowed not to delay Brexit as he made clear he will move to trigger an election within weeks if Remainers block No Deal.

In a dramatic statement to the nation from Downing Street (pictured middle), the PM upped the ante by warning no more negotiations will be possible if MPs 'chop the legs out' from Britain's position in a crucial vote today.

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