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This means that once you sign up for a dating website, you don't have to spend a lot of time browsing through lots of profiles, instead, you input characteristics and interests that you want in a person and the website will give you results in return.

This gives you are more customizable dating option and it will help you to spend your time wisely.

People in Northern Ireland have a bank holiday on or after July 12 to commemorate the Battle of Boyne, which occurred on Ireland’s east coast in 1690.

It's also known as "Orangemen's Day", "Orange Day", "the Glorious Twelfth" or just "the Twelfth".

It was a battle between King James VII of Scotland and James II of England and Ireland and his supporters on one side and Prince William of Orange and his followers on the other side.

Prince William of Orange won the battle and became King William III.

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"The Belter singer added: "But if folk think I'm not gonna be playing my hometown, they've lost it!

Many collarettes are made from orange cloth, although there may be other colors.

The collarettes bear the number of the lodge that the wearer belongs to and a range of badges showing the person’s positions in or degrees from the lodge.

Many lodges carry at least one flag during the marches.

This is normally the Union Flag, sometimes known as the Union Jack, although some carry Scottish, Ulster or Orange Order flags. These display the name and number of the lodge on one side.

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