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So, for fun, I thought it might be helpful to answer the question: “What do I do if I’m already dating a vampire or werewolf?” Or, what do you do if you merely suspect they are?Kristen Stewart—child actress turned avatar of teen vampire lust turned internationally lauded, César Award–winning film actress—is in Paris at the moment, and the tabloids are chattering away about some photographs that show Stewart holding hands and kissing her supposed girlfriend, French singer So Ko. Meaning, do you know what the Frenchest thing you can do is?

Indeed, if a vampire was really living up to his/her (said vampire’s) potential, they should be at a Mark Zuckerberg level (which, on a side note, really gets me thinking.) Long-story-short: If your vampire had 300 years to do something, and they’re still average, this vampire isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

One day my dream turned into reality as my client wanted me to play a sexy army girl.

For some moments, he kept running his firm hands on my body for a while.

Over the last year, we’ve all been inundated with commercials for the Twilight movie trilogy.

In some ways, it almost feels impossible to talk about dating without talking about Twilight (or at least making fun of it).

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