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The term Nocaster was coined by collectors to denote these transitional guitars that appeared without a model name on the headstock.

Since they were manufactured in this form for only a few months very early in the Broadcaster/Telecaster's history, original Nocasters are highly prized and expensive collector's items.

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That hand-built prototype, an anonymous white guitar, had most of the features of what would become the Telecaster.In 1951, Fender released the innovative and musically influential Precision Bass as a similar looking stable-mate to the Telecaster.This body style was later released as the Fender Telecaster Bass in 1968 after the Precision Bass had been changed in 1957 to make it more closely resemble the Fender Stratocaster guitar.From this point onward all Fender necks incorporated truss rods.The Esquire was reintroduced in 1951 as a single pickup Telecaster, at a lower price.

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