Dating a smith and wesson pistol

Held against lateral motion by lug on barrel catch. DETAIL OF DESIGN —Round butt made of steel, irregular shape side plate held in position by hammer stud nut. Counter-bored to receive flanged head extractor with ratchet tooth backed off using thick hand. DETAIL OF DESIGN —Octagon shape with ribbed top jointed to frame at top strap latching to frame at bottom strap. Joint slotted to receive extractor “lifter” or cam. —Five chambers, grooved, with inserted gas ring, screw to free position on base pin. —Five chambers, grooved, inserted gas ring, screwed to free position on base pin held against lateral motion by lug on barrel catch. : These various named models were taken over and sold by Smith & Wesson following judgment granted them in law suits for infringements of Patent rights. —Straight side thumb piece, solid round pointed nose, hand pivot to left side, hand spring slot cut in front face to receive flat spring. Patented January 17-24, 1865; July 11-18, 1865; October 24, 1869; February 20, 1877. Tenon cuts at ends to hold bow-shaped spring guard incasing double action trigger. —Round body, ribbed top jointed to frame at bottom strap forward of guard latching to frame at bolster interlocking post with jointed barrel catch. Double series of stop notches with free groove extending around cylinder to accommodate action of rocker type stop.

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Base pin screwed into body of barrel forming cylinder bearing. —Five chambers, grooved, bushing with internal square threaded portion for base pin, pressed in extending beyond face of cylinder forming gas ring.

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Strap slotted to receive frame post two piece catch held together by screw pinned to barrel rear of post slot. Counter-bored to receive flanged head extractor with ratchet designed to allow hand to pass by tooth in carrying up. Patented July 1, 1884; April 9, 1889; March 27, 1894; May 29, 1894; May 21, 1895; July 16, 1895.

Strap slotted forward of post cut to receive cylinder hook designed to hold cylinder in place on base pin. Center hold for extractor stem made pentagon shape. DETAIL OF DESIGN —Round butt, irregular shape side plate inserted from right side held in place with three small head plate screws (after 1,000 manufactured a large head screw added to hold plate at hammer cut) large S&W monogram stamped on side plate.

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