Dating a recovered alcoholic man

You have done much good....job..home....kid(s)....child needs you...your half nuts from this guy, how in the heck are you going to give the little one(s) a decent chance in life.........not just you, now, its your kid's future riding on this too..... From a victim twice over of TWO alkies, i wish I had NEVER gotten with......It took me a long time to recover the damage they did to me.......

SHE SAYS, basically if she knew then what she knows NOW she would nver have married her A....whole post screams of the truth.A few months ago, I met an amazing wonderful guy and found out soon into it that he was a recovering alcoholic.He was very open and honest about it and I thought it would be no big deal because he was handling it.I want him back and I know that is selfish but here I had thought I found the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with and now he is gone and I can't even figure out where it happened. I just posted in here looking for guidence and support, as well. It may be that the most support we can give ours is to do and say nothing at all and let them heal in their own way.His moods switched from good to bad so fast that I barely had the chance to keep up. I expect this isn't what you hoped to hear, but 6 months is actually very early recovery. I will reflect what others have said - it is his disease & the disease blames others so they can avoid taking responsibility themselves.

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