Dating a guy much shorter than you

It can be really hard to tell somebody’s height on the big screen or a TV show, but several male actors There’s also a lot of surprisingly tall male actors in Hollywood, who make women swoon without coming off as intimidating or awkward.

And if your height has been something that has either been pointed out by a woman or simply makes you insecure, my words of wisdom aren’t necessarily going to ameliorate your frustrations. Most insecurities in regards to height (when it comes to men) come from being too short as opposed to being too tall.

And, for those of you who are 6 foot 2 inches or over, you’re in an even smaller percentage.

Only an estimated 3.9% of American men are 6 foot 2 inches or taller.celebrate it!

Addressing his height in a self-deprecating way has always been a staple of the stand-up comedy that made Kevin Hart a household name, and he also uses jokes about his height in movie scenes.

On a date, you can borrow one of his one-liners or come up with some of your own!

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