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In 2012, Gibson reintroduced the original brown and pink "California girl" case for its Custom Shop models, largely replacing the black and red case that had been in use for almost a decade.The current Les Paul Custom specs are: Gibson discontinued many models with ebony fingerboards as factory spec after the August 2011 federal raid due to concerns regarding the legality of ebony that the company had purchased.Type of logo designs and hard cases were also manufactured on the request of the customer.These special custom series came up with specific serial numbers which were encrypted with Custom's CS and small, more compact serial number CS XXXXX The first two numbers represent on which number this specific model was built, next two represent the year they were made in and the last numeric value represents the month of formation In 2004, Gibson moved construction of the Les Paul Custom to its Nashville Custom Shop.The specs remained similar, with the only immediate changes being a TKL-made Custom Shop case (black with a crushed red interior) and a Certificate of Authenticity, as well as a Gibson Custom decal on the back of the headstock.The serial number system for the Custom also changed from the 8 digit USA numbering system to the Custom Shop numbering system, which reads as CS YNNNN (Y = last number of the year of manufacture, N = guitar's place in sequential production for the year).By 1976, the new Nashville bridge begins to replace the ABR-1.In 1977, the pancake body was replaced by the traditional solid mahogany body, though the top was still maple, as was the neck.

While the Custom is currently only available in Ebony and Alpine White, it is often offered in Wine Red, Cherry Sunburst and Silverburst as well.

This was to be the case until the Custom was replaced and discontinued (though a similar black case was used with the LP/SG Custom models).

In mid-1957, Gibson began to equip the Les Paul Custom with the new PAF (Patent Applied For) pickup designed by Seth Lover.

The mahogany neck was replaced with a three-piece maple neck in 1975 (though some mahogany ones were still made)with this change lasting till around 1982, and the solid mahogany body was replaced with a "pancake" body in late 1969, where a small strip of maple resides between two thicker pieces of mahogany. In 1970, a "Made in USA" stamp was added to the back of the headstock, and a volute was added to help strengthen the headstock.

In 1974, Gibson released the 20th anniversary Les Paul Custom in a white, black, cherry sunburst and honey sunburst finish (at least these four colors were made) with "20th Anniversary" engraved on the 15th fret block inlay.

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