Dating a gibson acoustic

The letter preceding the batch number in the FON, and indicates the year of production. Y1234 23 This were used from 1952 to 1961 on archtop models and stamped on the inside of the F-hole. An ink-stamped number from the back of the headstock. No serial numbers were used, Gibson just started therewith in 1953.

If you're still having trouble accurately dating your Gibson, take pictures of the guitar, including the serial number, and upload them to the customer service section on the company's website.However, in the beginning this was not done consistently, so that there are also be instruments without identification.Where to find the serial number The serial number is stamped or punched on the back of the headstock or acoustic in the sound hole.Exceptions: Some high-end models and lap steels from 1939-1940 have been added the letter A, to the prefixes D, E or F.Factory Order numbers with a letter from 1952 to 1961.

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