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While we were waiting I watched her flag down random women off of Jasper Ave trying to get them to sign up.

She did manage to grab 3 random girls, 2 of which were visibly drunk or stoned and I’m fairly certain all 3 were bribed into participating with free drink tokens.

Our conversation around lack of preparation was interrupted by one of the hosts who gave instructions via microphone and the night began.

On the table with my first date was the “Don’t Break the Ice” toy.

All in all I had a fun night, I’m not sure if speed dating is my chosen style of dating as I prefer to play the longer game talking to people I do have chemistry with and developing a conversation, along with attraction.

If you’d like to try something new, an imaginative slant on dating events then take a look at their website @ and get booked in, you will have a great time.

I also called the venue where the event was to take place and they knew nothing about it and did not have anything scheduled for Date and Dash.Could you really get to know the other person while trying to work out the game in front of you?This actually became more of a challenge than I thought or maybe it was my male inability to do two things at once.It was very unbalanced in terms of male/female ratio; 12 guys total showed up, with only 2 girls for them to speed date.The lady didn’t start the event right away saying more were supposed to come.

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