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Not bad for a preacher’s son who forged his vocal talent singing in church and high school choirs.

That said, he’s the last guy who’d slap down tracks just to pick up a few bucks.

I love Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway, but I’m gonna tell you that one of the songs I love the most is the song called “Joy” that Teddy Riley did.

And I can tell you that every woman in the world can let down her hair and take off all her clothes to the Isley Brothers’ “For the Love of You.” OK?

Whoo, honey — “For the Love of You.” Honey, put it on and you only need but half a glass of champagne.

If D’Angelo’s life were viewed as one long series of dramatic episodes, you might say he was last seen being thrown from his Hummer, which was doing somersaults through a Powhatan County cornfield. R&B really ain’t my thing, but I’m a sucker for covering a world-class disappearing act. From his last mug shot, it’s clear he’s gained a spectacular amount of weight. I had only a vague idea of his troubles with the law, and no idea what he was doing professionally. For that matter, was he still on good terms with the mother of his daughter, Imani?

But calls to the label confirmed the opposite: A contact there, Sara Weinstein Denison, said plainly that J Records had no agreement with D’Angelo whatsoever.

A real mystery was unfolding, made more compelling by the fact that many of D’Angelo’s local friends and relatives could not be reached at all.

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I discovered that Leeds, had affirmed the rumor at the end of September.

The singer had been pulled over for speeding in January 2005 and arrested on DUI and drug possession charges.

His lawyer, Ned Mikula, helped that decision along by begging leniency for the singer, insisting he was bolting straight to Nashville to begin work on a follow-up to Voodoo. Proof that D’Angelo never made it to Music City USA was lying in a downtown hospital bed.

Lou Barber, his friend and one-time choreographer, wasn’t talking; his father, known for being skittish about discussing his famous son, was “on vacation” when Richmond magazine visited his church office.

His cousin Latrice Taylor, located through a service rep at a local car dealership and who promised to pass a note to D’Angelo through her aunt, got nowhere; and D’Angelo’s cousin Marlon — half of his ex-band, the Dirty Soulz, and one of D’Angelo’s first recording partners — could not be found for comment. If D’Angelo really was in Nashville by now, one could assume he was doing what he did best: getting back to basics, cutting tracks on spec which he’d then shop to labels.

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