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She represented Texas in the Miss USA 2008 pageant held in April 2008.

Crystle Stewart graduated from Elkins High School in Missouri City, and graduated from the University of Houston in 2007.

In 2006, she placed first runner-up to Miss Houston for a second time and, in a double repetition, placed first runner-up to Miss Houston, Magen Ellis, in the 2007 state pageant (competing as Miss Southeast Texas).

In 2007 she did not compete for a local title, and instead entered as an at large delegate for Miss Texas USA 2008, again holding the Miss Fort Bend County title.

Stewart accidentally suffered a hernia and has to go to the hospital for a surgery.

While he's waiting to be prepped, the other Barnes family members are suffering relationship problems all around him.

Rumors of cancellation circulated after midseason replacement The New Adventures of Old Christine opened in the show's time slot in March 2006.

In an interview, however, Burrell asserted that "[w]e're going on hiatus from the air for two months, but we're coming back in March with all-new shows." As the family attends the wedding of one of Oliver's old girlfriends, Lydia frets over feeling awkward at the ceremony since she is now divorced.

It reappeared in mid-2007 in a late-night timeslot, where it completed its run.Her first appearance in the state pageant was in 2002 when she made the semi-finals of the Miss Texas USA 2003 pageant competing as Miss Fort Bend County.In 2004, Stewart again competed as Miss Fort Bend County and placed third runner-up to Tyler Willis at Miss Texas USA 2005.In Autumn of 2006 it was aired on AVALA in Serbia daily, with a re-run in 2007. As of December 2009, the show is being broadcast on Universal HD.The show's full 22 episodes are available to view as part of Amazon's streaming service.

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