Comedy dating advice

To find strangers, Gethard tweets out a number and the first person to dial in gets the spotlight.

It’s a nice little dose of kismet to remind you that, for all its ups and downs, life is surprisingly beautiful.

When dating starts to feel like an elaborate form of torture If looking at the Tinder app on your phone makes you break out in hives for fear of yet another "meh" date in your future, try tuning in to .

And while they never get easier, there are some pretty great coping mechanisms nowadays. D., recommends British dating coach Laura Yate’s podcast , which discusses the ridiculous, motivating, and downright brilliant things people have done to get over a relationship.

Certified sex therapist and marriage and family counselor Dr.

Holly Richmond suggests Dan Savage’s long-running .

That means that while of course the duo provide healthy food and solid exercise tips, they also totally get that you’ll probably want some wine when you finish that squat set.

For when you’re thinking about actually going to therapy Making the choice to invest in your mental health is a big, important one. S., NCC, LPC, suggests checking out the podcast, which was recommended to her from a client.

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