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The principal role of Clydeplan is to prepare and maintain an up to date Strategic Development Plan (SDP) for the Glasgow city region.This process involves engagement through joint working and consultation with a number of key stakeholder organisations and the wider community.Clyde appears to be one of the nicer boys, or at least he has a better sense of morality at times.In "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000", he appeared to be shocked at himself when he said, "I'm not fat, goddammit! In "Lice Capades", he refused to sock bathe Kenny Mc Cormick when Kenny is accused of having head lice, since Clyde believed himself to be the only one who had lice. Garrison to stop the sock bathing and tried to delay the other boys until she arrived.He is also survived by his fur babies, Mitzi and Mia who never left his side.He was preceded in death by his mother, Frances and his father Clyde. He will be remembered for his kind heart, generosity, and contagious smile.He might also still feel loyalty towards Cartman for returning to South Park in "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000", evidenced by his willingness to accept Cartman as a leader, such as when he joined his crew in "Fatbeard".He also seems to be much more willing than the other kids to accept Cartman's bigoted views, possibly because he agrees with Cartman on occasion.

In the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, it is implied that he is not very clever, or at least not good at mathematics and is often portrayed as one of the less intelligent members of the class. Garrison asks him what two times five equals, he guesses twelve - Garrison then refers to him as "a complete retard".

Clyde seems to have a liking for adult-related materials.

In the episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft", he is seen reading a Playboy magazine instead of playing with the boys, and in "Ginger Kids", the topic of his presentation is mentioned as "lesbian cheerleaders." In the episode "Marjorine", Butters, as Marjorine, says that one of "her" hobbies is "Getting my snootch pounded on Friday nights", Clyde responds with, "Nice.", although he could also have been happy at how well the idea had turned out, although, judging by his tone, this was not the case.

He attempts to make Kyle feel better for being listed last, though does it in a careless way. In "Marjorine", Clyde stood up for Cartman when Kyle and Stan were ridiculing him for his discovery of the girls' future telling device.

This surprised many of the boys who were in Cartman's basement at the time, including Cartman himself.

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