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the author James Lendall Basford writes, “The stars dot out the plans of God.” Many of us look to the stars for personal definition.Zodiac Signs are a common reference for defining compatibility traits between lovers.Per the Chinese Astrology system, every 12 years a person encounters the birth sign.

By understanding zodiac signs meanings, you’ll experience relationships (including the one you have with yourself) with more compassion and understanding.

Days are also divided into sections called shi chen.

The year of someone’s birth when referencing the Chinese Zodiac horoscope is the Ben Ming Nian.

And we need divine help when facing Mercury retrograde, am I right?

Zodiac Signs (Astrology, Horoscope, & Star Signs) offer one set of keys to understanding the self, others, and our experiences. But, I don’t have to be to know the incredible value of the art!

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