Chelsey davey dating

While some insiders believed the relationship had "run its course" during their 2009 relationship hiccup, others hoped for a reconciliation."I don't see this [breakup] as long-term," a friend close to the former couple told Imagine being hounded by the British media nonstop. I was young, I was trying to be a normal kid and it was horrible." Harry was able to sympathize with his then-girlfriend, especially since his mom, Princess Diana, died on August 31, 1997, in a fatal car accident that was blamed on the paparazzi. my girlfriend is somebody who's very special to me, and yes, she's gone through some very hard times," he once said.In fact, the Duke of Sussex was quite the ladies man, and there was no shortage of eligible bachelorettes who hoped to steal the prince's heart.However, none came close to leaving him absolutely smitten more than his former girlfriend, Zimbabwe-born jeweler Chelsy Davy.Each time news broke that they'd gone their separate ways, their many fans around the world were gutted.

The usual spelling of the proper name is "Chelsea" (city in England, from chalk landing).The daughter of a Zimbabwean billionaire, she grew up in the lap of luxury, but that didn't deter her from working extremely hard to become successful in her own right.Not only is she well-educated, receiving a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Cape Town, a law degree from the University of Leeds, and a gemology diploma from the Gemological Institute of America, Davy also launched her own ethical jewelry line, Aya, which was inspired by her African hometown.Thankfully, they've managed to remain close friends since their breakup, and Davy even attended Harry's March 2018 wedding.They both have clearly moved on, but what irretrievably ended their romance?

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