Chat humiliation picture

Get in touch with people you were a d*ck to, and don’t rely too heavily on the ‘I was just so drunk! You shouldn’t be trying to excuse your behaviour or act like it’s not a big deal, as it makes your apology seem a less authentic.

If you hurt someone, it doesn’t really matter how drunk you were.

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So you made a tit of yourself after downing a bunch of booze. But while some of your mates just had a snooze on the sofa or vommed then headed home, you did something embarrassing. You’ve woken up with a sore head, a stirring stomach, and a deep sense of shame – and you’re not even sure what for. You might have a fuzzy recollection of what went down, but other people’s memory of events may be crystal clear.

It’s tempting to just bury your head under a pillow and refuse to exit your bed for the rest of the day, but that’ll only make things more embarrassing when you finally peek out from your duvet. You might not want to be confronted with the truly painful texts you send that guy who ghosted you at 2.07am, but it’s much better to know exactly who you’ve called and texted so you can be prepared for any response. Saying nothing about what you did makes it look like you aren’t bothered about being rude, or offensive, or destructive.

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