Catholic man dating muslim women Freesgal

Interestingly enough, he’s also gone to Mass as well and enjoyed talking with the parish priest. Both of us wish to wait though and finish college and probably launch our careers.I told him I wouldn’t marry him until I got commissioned into the Army Nurse Corps (which would be in about 2 years). ** How terrible is it, from a Catholic view, that I refuse to try and encourage him to convert?for example, he’d go to Mass on Sundays if I went to Jum’ah (Muslim Prayer service) on Fridays.** I should also note that he’s a rather lax Muslim. He enjoys drinking a nice beer once in a while with me. There is nothing wrong with a mixed marriage depending on the circumstances.

It may not seem like a big deal now as you do not seem to be particularly strong in your faith.Both of these things cannot be true at the same time – either Jesus is who he claimed to be (God) and Islam is wrong about something very important, or Jesus isn’t who he claimed to be.In that case, Islam would still be wrong about Jesus because Jesus couldn’t possibly be a prophet of God if he were delusional or arrogant enough to believe he were God.Do you believe all we need to do is believe that God exists, or does God want us to *know *him?And how can we know God if what we know *about *him isn’t true?

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