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amp Posted this on another subreddit (rshort) and I wanted to get a tall woman's perspective on #6 specifically.

As a short man dating a taller woman I found #6 to be discouraging a little.

Dont know how much social pressure tall women get from their mothers and friends.

It would be sad if a woman is completely happy with her man yet her friends and parents make her question herself simply because her man is shorter.

Honestly I’d like to date a guy that’s at least a little taller than me, but I understand that I’m really tall for a girl so it’s somewhat slim pickings.

I certainly don’t mind a little bit of a height difference, I just would prefer to not feel like I’m twice the size of the guy I’m dating.

After she met my current bf (5'7") she kept talking in a weird way... She kind of kept implying, not outright asking or speculating, that he must be really special since I'm going out with him.

Like 17 years and one failed (albeit tall) marriage kinda long.

My partner now is about 4 or 5 inches shorter than me but his height (or mine) never factored into it.

Really what I'm trying to get at is that are you also a little insecure (i.e lack self confidence) because you want a taller man?

Wonder how much is a social construct and how much is biology That's been my experience - not parental influence, but guys themselves.

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