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A significant portion of conversions are undertaken by children of mixed marriages, or by would-be or current spouses of Jews.

The Hebrew Bible, a religious interpretation of the traditions and early national history of the Jews, established the first of the Abrahamic religions, which are now practiced by 54% of the world.

The exact world Jewish population, however, is difficult to measure.

In addition to issues with census methodology, disputes among proponents of halakhic, secular, political, and ancestral identification factors regarding who is a Jew may affect the figure considerably depending on the source.

Israel is the only country where Jews form a majority of the population.

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According to the Hebrew Bible, the name of both the tribe and kingdom derive from Judah, the fourth son of Jacob., Yidn (pl.).consolidated their hold with the emergence of the Kingdom of Israel, and the Kingdom of Judah.Some consider that these Canaanite sedentary Israelites melded with incoming nomadic groups known as 'Hebrews'.In 586 BCE, Judah itself ceased to be an independent kingdom, and its remaining Jews were left stateless.The Babylonian exile ended in 539 BCE when the Achaemenid Empire conquered Babylon and Cyrus the Great allowed the exiled Jews to return to Yehud and rebuild their Temple. Yehud province was a peaceful part of the Achaemenid Empire until the fall of the Empire in c. Jews were also politically independent during the Hasmonean dynasty spanning from 140 to 37 BCE and to some degree under the Herodian dynasty from 37 BCE to 6 CE.

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