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Using Iron Mail, businesses benefit from enterprise-wide spam management designed to improve detection rates, enhance network manageability, and eliminate blocking legitimate mail (false positives).Key tools in Iron Mail's arsenal are the Enterprise Spam Profiler (ESP) system, User Quarantine system, and the Cipher Trust Research team.A key requirement for todays office is remote access to email.MXtreme's Secure Web Mail delivers authenticated (e.g.The wizard provides the following functionality: Improves the ham information in the Bayesian database.This can be done by retrieving this information from the emails located in an Exchange mailbox, or in an Outlook PST file (rather then waiting for it to learn from outbound mail).

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Integral to Iron Mail's success have been its best-of-breed tools, gateway-based architecture and multi-faceted approach to spam detection and management.

From there, our engineers continuously monitor the Internet for trends in spam and virus attacks.

Updates to counter these attacks are then automatically retrieved by your Barracuda Spam Firewall, thus relieving you of this task.

This will help the Bayesian filter block more spam.

Learn from Outbound mails: In this case, GFI Mail Essentials will automatically use the information in outbound emails to improve the HAM information (information on legitimate emails). GFI Anti-Spam Public Folders: Spam emails which are not blocked by the Bayesian filter, or legitimate emails which have been incorrectly blocked as spam, can be used to train the Bayesian filter.

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