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The automatically gathered data remains in that location until it is retrieved by the attacker.The data could be credit card or bank account details, usernames and passwords or any personal information the attacker may use to hack into the host's accounts.

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“We’re in a professional space, so there’s very little ‘bad’ content,” says Alex Shin, Blind’s U. Says Shin of the types of content posted to Blind: “It’s, ‘Microsoft just launched a new phone; how do you think I will do?(The site is still ongoing, having acquired new owners along the way.) Blind takes much greater pains to distinguish itself from the likes of Secret and other mobile anonymity apps.DCM has backed the anonymous social app Yik Yak, and Honda says DCM is advising Blind based on lessons learned through that earlier investment, particularly when it comes to balancing the quality of interactions without “going too far in policing it,” says Honda.Tired of being monitored by your company while wanting to dish with colleagues about said company?Or maybe you’re curious about what people with similar work experience are making at other companies.

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