Blending families when dating

The reader should therefore understand that the events and people depicted in the blog may or may not have actually happened in my life, but are an accurate depiction of what often does happen in blended families.It is also important not to presume that what is written is what a particular family member actually did.

Blended families can also be referred to as “stepfamilies,” and both terms appear in print and online when describing families that include stepparents and stepchildren.

Yet adjusting to life as a newly blended family can be challenging.

To make your blended family work, it helps to prepare your children as much as possible for the upcoming changes, and to recognize and plan for dealing with potential issues that commonly occur in blended families.

is not necessarily a novel blog topic, I wrote about it from the perspective of a single mom.

I also wrote about dating from the perspective of a researcher who studies and thinks about relationships .

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