Bible verses about dating and courtship

This makes it possible for them to make “informed” choices, in their eyes.However, we know that you can’t trust or believe everything you read on the internet, but what is their filter? They are under enormous pressure and it is our responsibility as parents to provide them with a strong Scriptural foundation to make it possible for them to navigate through all this and still make the right choices.I don’t think they or we realize just how much YHVH values marriage.

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We want to show you YHVH’s way and we have something special to share with you.

They are happily married now and have two beautiful little children.

However, before we share their love story with you, let us have a look at dating from a historical point of view and then how it was done in biblical times.

He is very practical, and if we were to search, we would find answers to all the problems we are facing today: broken marriages, unwanted children, poverty, too many to mention.

To correct these problems would, however, require some changes on our part…

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