Benefits of dating a short man

This makes a man feel comforting when knowing that her life will go on when he is not around, Also, an older woman has got her own money, which means she worked hard to earn it.

Would you like to automatically go Dutch or hope her to pay?

Consider though for a moment that the heart you seek may not come in the package you had planned. Maybe it's because if feels more personal when you are face to face.3. Ever tried taking a romantic bubble bath with a tall man. He has to draw up his legs and he really can't relax. Also with a tall man, there isn't much room for you in the bath.4. If a man is not intimidated that you are taller than he is, he is secure in who he is.

Below are 10 good reasons to consider dating a shorter man.1. This leaves more room for you to sprawl out and hog the bed.2. No more neck cramps when standing up for good night make out kisses at the door. I know a lot of tall men that don't fit this bill.6.

Read More: 10 Effective Tips On How To Maintain A Good Relationship At Work Younger ladies could not do anything without checking in with their friends.

Some older women make a decision that she would rather be alone than be in a relationship they could not be themselves.This means that she will never complain to you that she feels bored all the time. Besides, you will have more things to talk to her as she is still pursuing her own interests.She has got her own life including her own career, her own apartment, her own friends and her own money.A more mature woman also has her own friends, but she does not need their allowance to live her own life.In fact, it is actually one of the reasons to help you know why men are interested in dating an older woman.

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