Being a young widow and dating

Responsibilities that once were your husband's are now yours. After all, before both of you handled all of the things that it takes to keep a household together - now it is up to you. Take pride in being able to handle these responsibilities; look at them as a challenge.

There is no time line and we are all different when it comes to healing our hearts.

Of course, no matter how close our partner came to being ‘ideal’, we all know that no one really can be.

That's why it's vital to remember your partner for who they were.

Surviving the loss of the love of your life is the hardest thing you will ever have to do.

These daily challenges will help take your mind off of your new "aloneness."Don't rush into anything.

This can mean different things for different people: some may want to get remarried, while others might want to start with friendship and go from there.

As the relationship ended because of a death, we can feel that it would never have otherwise ended.

In that sense, it can hold an ‘eternal’ quality in our hearts and minds, with our dead partner being elevated to the position of a ‘martyr’.

Yet, to really see the rewards of this, it is important to remember two things: you musn't compare (try not to think about how someone new is similar to your previous partner) and you musn't contrast (likewise, try not to focus on how the person you are dating is different to your ex.) The danger with comparing and contrasting is that anyone new will be measured according to an unachievable ideal.

To bear this in mind is important for anyone serious about beginning to move forward.

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