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Disclaimer: These images are provided by the department and should be used as a guide only.'Live' images may not be transmitted by the department if the webcams are being serviced or inoperable as a consequence of a power failure.A few of our team visited the facility and were thrilled to see her flying around the large Flight Aviary.

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As the release team left, to leave her in peace, she was sitting on a high branch, recovering from her trip.

Cameras are operational from 5 am until 9 pm daily, Central Australian time.

The department provides a number of webcam views, including Adelaide city, as a service to people interested in undertaking recreational boating activities in gulf waters near the Port of Adelaide at Outer Harbor, North Haven, West Beach, O'Sullivan Beach, Edithburgh and offshore waters to the south near Granite Island.

The first egg was uncovered for over 20 hours total, delaying incubation as have seen in the past. It may hide a Brushtail Possum or even the Boobook that has been heard calling each night.

It's cold at the nest, though as there are 2 eggs now, both adults are incubating almost continually. The nest bowl is deep, lined with leaves and ready for the first egg any day.

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