Asp designer file not updating

I have inherited an project, which has some datasets in it.

I find that when I edit datasets with new SQL, adding columns, tableadapters etc, that the class is not regenerated, and therefore I can't access them in code.

Most of the time you don’t need to worry about these internals because they are encapsulated within the ASP. However, once you step beyond simple scenarios and run into situations where the simple method just doesn’t work, you as the developer have to fully understand all of the intricacies of this complex model in order to make it work for you. The compiler offers many options to compile your projects including in-place compilation, which requires source code distribution, pre-compiled compilation into all binary code, and partial compilation, which compiles your user code, but lets you distribute and modify the ASPX markup pages.

Depending on the type of applications, this will affect some developers more than others. There are at least 16 different compilation and pre-compilation combinations and none of them are likely to be exactly what you want-most combinations produce non-repeatable installs and none of the stock combinations create a single deployable assembly that most developers would expect from a pre-compiled application.

It’s much easier to perform these tasks in Visual Studio 2005.

The changes in the new project model make it quicker and easier to get a new project up and running or to open an existing project.

Today Rick builds client centric Web applications and services for customers with HTML5, Java Script and mobile Web technologies, using Angular JS on the front end, and the ASP. Rick’s company West Wind Technologies also produces a number of developer related tools including West Wind Web Surge, Web Monitor and Html Help Builder.

He also maintains a host of open source libraries at Strahl and you can find Rick’s blog at weblog.or contact him directly at [email protected]’s crucial to understand how your ASP. NET 2.0’s release offers many welcome changes and additions to the ASP. Compilation and deployment has changed drastically in ASP.

Microsoft has tightly linked the new project model in ASP.

Is there any way of forcing the regeneration (saving doesn't do it), or is there a particular cause that I could remove to let it start working again (maybe a subtle issue around partial class naming/ inheritance etc)?

Try the following: 1) Click on the XSD file in the solution explorer 2) Click on the properties tab and check the Custom Tool Property. If it's not there, type it there 3) Once done right click the XSD file and click the menu item Run Custom Tool.

I’ll look at the project system, the page parsing mechanism and page compilation, and how applications deploy.

Because developers have raised a number of concerns about stock projects, Microsoft recently released a couple of add-ins for Visual Studio that address some of the shortcomings and complaints.

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