Are mtv dating shows fake

Today, they are recognized by their long beards and patriotic bandanas, but if you look at photos of the Robertson family before they were famous, you would see some clean-cut men that look more like golfers than hunters.While the characters on the show are real, the drama is very much thought up by producers and the characters are inserted into it.Ramsay also has bodyguards hidden around the place in case anything gets really hot in the kitchen.Participants never stop filming which leads almost all of them to take up smoking for stress and in the end, the prize to work in one of Ramsay’s restaurants can sometimes not even work out.

However, everything is not as it seems in this case and Caputo has been at the center of scandals which claim that all of the information about her clients and audiences in the shows have been given to her.Just about the only real part of Pawn Stars is the fact that the shop and people are real, but everything else is totally fake.The stars including Rick Harrison will never be seen working the counters, instead working from private back rooms and all of the customers that enter the shop are pre-arranged.TLC’s Cake Boss became a fan favorite through the years, watching the amazing cakes produced by Buddy and the Valastro family, as well as their interpersonal family dynamics.However, it turns out the show is largely staged and Buddy is never at the Hoboken shop and only goes for filming.

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