Animal rights dating service dating services for developmentally disabled

You need to show that the animal performs tasks for you to help with your disability, such as pulling your wheelchair or alerting you to seizures.You can also show that your animal provides emotional support that helps with the symptoms or side effects of your disability. They are working animals that help people with their disabilities.Service animals do tasks such as guide people who are blind.This law does two things: In most cases, a landlord cannot refuse to rent to you if you have a service or companion animal.If you already live in an apartment and your lease says no pets, you can ask for a reasonable accommodation to keep the animal.

This letter should state the nature of your disability and how a service or companion animal is necessary to help you.

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There are no hard and fast rules for reasonableness, but certain situations come up often.

For example, a properly supported request for a large companion animal is likely reasonable, as is a request for a companion pit bull.

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