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From TV Guide: Teams must endure a 26-hour ride on a hot, filthy train. From Dish: One team tries to dismiss the insults of another team; teams face a 26-hour ride in hot train cars.The show wil, at least for the premiere, occupy the time slot that normally belongs to Survivor and, during the summer, has previously belonged to Big Brother.The premiere of The Amazing Race 4 will be a 90-minute special to provide background on all the teams.Monica and Sheree, NFL wives and moms, from Duluth, Georgia.Monica, 29 and a mother of two, was an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader; Sheree, 31, has three children.Also: two teams opt for bizarre forms of transportation to reach a pit stop. * One Team nicknames and mocks another Team behind their backs.

Although the teams don't know it's a non-elimination leg (until they get the last clue and it doesn't say "The last team to check-in will be eliminated"), as a viewer, it's been easy to tell.

* An encounter at a train station moves one of the clowns to tears.

* Teams face the prospect of a nightmare 26-hour train ride in filthy, boiling-hot train cars, with some wondering whether they will be able to endure.

Reichen and Chip, married couple, from Los Angeles.

Reichen, 28, is a pilot and an instructor at a flight school; Chip, 36, has started his own media-related company.

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