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By the 2011/12 season, however, Malkin was back to his old form.

The Pittsburgh forward was the highest scorer in the regular NHL championship, with 50 goals and 59 assists. Hockey aside, Malkin’s favorite sport is ping pong.

Scoring 113 points, he won the Art Ross Trophy (awarded annually to the hockey player with the highest number of NHL championship points according to the goal assist system).

At the All Stars Game Malkin was in the starting lineup.

The regular championship season of 2008/09 was uneven for his team, but thanks to a new coach, the Penguins again made it to the playoffs.

This season ended up being the best of Malkin’s career.

He scored his first goal just three months later, on Dec. Malkin distinguished himself with a double, and Metallurg won with a score of 3:1.

But it wasn’t until Evgeni turned 15 that hockey experts all began to notice his potential — at one point he was even rejected by a junior team in the Urals.

Pittsburgh won its division and was pronounced a favorite for the 2008 playoffs.

In the first round, as in the previous year, the Penguins played against Ottawa, but this time the Penguins beat the Senators in four matches.

About fights“I’ve never been in any long fights, maybe 10 or 20 seconds.

Adrenaline is pounding in your head, you don’t notice anything, don’t feel pain, you’re just swinging your fists and wanting your opponent will fall down.

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