Advice for women dating behavior

"So guys aren't as likely to notice (until maximum grime has been reached) that they're snoozing in stinky sheets." On a less physiological level, she continues, "Men are less natural nest-builders." In other words, they'd rather be out slaying Big Macs than laundering bed linens any day. They erroneously believe that longevity equals virility, so they're terrified of being an early ejaculator who leaves you searching for a man blessed with more stamina. It's no secret that men have a severe need to succeed, and once again biology is to blame.

Keep reading to find out why guys are determined to go the distance in bed and what's up with their competitive attitude with their friends...(More) Why Do Guys... A quick fix for this sexual faux pas: Whisper something sexy in his ear, like "don't hold back," to let him know there's no need to strain for the world record. In the face of competition, a man's testosterone level soars, making him more willing to take risks, explains Alan Booth, Ph D, a professor of sociology at Pennsylvania State University. "For men, being too put-together implies femininity," says Fisher. A Rolex watch or an expensive car are the things guys often use to show status, wealth, and basic desirability." If you're stuck with a schlub, next time he's eyeing gadgets at the mall, tell him you spotted a cool pair of khakis that would go great with his beeper. insist on growing bad facial hair every six months or so?

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By not buckling to women's expectations of you actually creates attraction. Click Here to Learn More Ways to Deal with People Effectively About the Author: Hi, my name's Keenan Cullen, and I hope you profited from my article.

How to Handle Women's Flirty Displays Women's Flirty Displays are directed at your PRIDE.

The key to handling women's Temper Tantrums is in dealing with women's disapproval.

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Treat the situation the same as you would a fly buzzing around your head...

"It's about temperature," says Adam Carolla, cohost of radio programs Loveline and The Man Show.

When you spot a guy sitting spread-eagle across two seats, you have to wonder why he feels the need to give the world a full-view crotch shot.

It goes back to caveman-clan mentality, says Fisher.

Guys don't want to let anyone they perceive as the enemy into their inner circle.

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