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A good profile picture will capture an user's attention and lead to that user looking into the rest of your profile in depth.

Let's face it, human beings are shallow by nature.

After a few months of using Bumble and casually dating around, I recalled an online article that went viral a few years ago—an experiment in which a 21-year-old woman created three Tinder profiles with different levels of makeup (no makeup, "average" makeup, and heavy makeup) to see how men would respond.

(Spoiler: The results were that the bare-faced version of her profile attracted the most men, while her "average" level of makeup seemed to garner the most aggressive pick-up lines.) Over the years, there have also been all sorts of more formal studies about the physical features that men find most attractive in women, like red lipstick and brown hair.

Very little media attention, however, has been devoted to the relationship between makeup and what women find attractive in other women.However, as I swiped on, it became clear that this less made-up version of me was simply alluring a slightly different type of woman.As opposed to the trendy, high-femme girls I'd been pairing with before, now my matches were women who looked, well, more like the new me—a little outdoorsier and lower-maintenance, both in their aesthetic and demeanor.Every opener (both theirs and mine) would be some genuine, effusive declaration of praise for one another's makeup or hair, punctuated with effervescent heart-eye and sparkle emoji.We'd tell each other that we were stunning and call each other "babe" and "cutie": These interactions, even the ones that never went anywhere, were bursting with feminine energy and upbeat appreciation.

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