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Also, thanks to this, companies cannot resort to reducing the grammage to compensate for cost escalations, without customers realising it.Only products up to ₹10 can come in non-standard sizes.Being taken for a ride related to the quantity, size or weight of products you buy?From November 1, 2012, standard sizes for several products, such as biscuits, baby food, bread, butter, coffee, tea, water, soft drink, salt, edible oils, cereals, rice, flour, soaps, cement and paints have been enforced.For pre-packaged goods, manufacturers are mandated to mention a toll-free consumer care/ helpline number.

There has to be other ways of looking at this issue – and by using technology where appropriate, we can try to lift the burden on the system.” Rees added: “We are completely appreciative of the fact that technology can’t do everything – it can’t put you to bed, wash you clean or give you a hug, but it can do other things, which then allows the most valuable resource – social workers, occupational therapists, carers – to do other things for you that are also hugely important.” PA Consulting-led Argenti Care Technology Partnership has been working with UK local authorities to use new tools to tackle issues in social care provision.For instance, laundry soap can be packaged only in multiples of 25g, 50g, 75g, 100g, 125g, 150g and, thereafter, in multiples of 50g.Thus, for consumers, this ensures comparability of prices of similar products.Only when it comes to soaps, creams and lotions are companies allowed to use the words “when packed” next to the weight as their weight could vary due to environmental factors.But even then, an unbridled variation is not allowed. For instance, if an item has a declared quantity of 500 to 1000 g or ml, the maximum permissible excess or deficiency is only 15g or ml.

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