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However in 2002, Naughton left after many heated arguments and catfights with Bailon and Williams.If you remember then, Rob and Adrienne’s crash and burn got revisited during the Khloe Lamar wedding ceremony.At the time, LALATE predicted to you that the current season of Keeping up was going to keep up more with Rob Kardashian than previous seasons. On tonight’s episode, Adrienne’s new boyfriend reportedly texts Rob telling him that she has moved on. Rob Kardashian and Adrienne Bailon In Love Pictures Rob Kardashian and Adrienne Bailon Photo 1 Rob Kardashian and Adrienne Bailon Photo 2 For many, the breakup is old news, with Bailon confirming the breakup in March 2009.In early 2003, both Bailon and Williams replaced Naughton with Jessica Benson.The newly formed 3LW recorded a third album that wasn't released.

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