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With all of these features combined, the DGS-1210 Series provides a cost-efficient and flexible solution for expanding any business network.For warranty support on this product, call D-Link Technical Support - 1860-233-3999GSM/CDMA USER - 91-832-2856300 & 2856000 (Local & STD Charges apply)Email - [email protected] for After Warranty Support?Retailers are encouraged to donate cash raised from the plastic bag charge to a charity or charities of their choice, but this isn't compulsory.

The D-Link DGS-1210 Series Smart Managed Switches are the latest generation of switches to provide increased Power over Ethernet (Po E) output, a range of physical interface types, multiple management interfaces, and advanced Layer 2 features.

However, it's also worth noting that under the current rules, there are some scenarios when the plastic bag minimum charge in England DOESN'T apply – and the Government says there are no plans to change this: It's also worth noting that under the current rules there's no minimum charge for bags at airport shops in security-restricted areas.

However, the Government wants to remove this exemption as part of the changes.

It currently only applies to major stores with at least 250 employees, but it's estimated smaller retailers account for around 3.6 billion single-use plastic bags every year.

The Government says that trade bodies representing around 40,000 small retailers have already voluntarily signed up to charge the 5p fee – but this represents only a small proportion of England's estimated 253,000 small or medium-sized retailers.

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